Myron & Davis entered the consumer electronics business in 2000 with a rather ambitious goal, create Mobile Entertainment products offering high performance, value driven price points, world class service yet maintain stringent quality. Seven years later we are happy to say “Mission Accomplished.” 2007 was another successful year for Myron & Davis and it was primarily due to our consistent almost dogmatic approach to customer service while introducing market driven products. As Mobile Video continues to evolve and seamless integration with today's vehicles becomes more critical, Myron & Davis will remain on the cutting edge. In 2008, Myron & Davis is proud to offer our most comprehensive line of Profit and Performance oriented Mobile Entertainment products ever, more evidence of our commitment to always Looking Ahead.


Over the years, Myron and Davis has continually developed new, innovative product designs and features. We are proud of our cutting edge ideas and hold a number of patents for our original designs. These patents reflect our goal to stay ahead of the curve and constantly improve our products. To find more information about our patents please click here.